Frey Beast

Golden Orange

Frey Beast

As a premium series at Frey, Voyager combines the technical capability of downhill and uphill with the endurance of a mountain trail ride. It is stacked with advanced tech that packed everything we know about racing efficiency, suspension, and durability. Moreover, Voyager is a versatile electric bike series that meets the needs of players for outdoor exploration: beastly power and long-range battery.

Frey Beast Bikeis built as FREY's advanced Enduro bike model. The bike performs as its name - Beast. 


60v 24.5ah Samsung 1800w Bafang



Hydraulic Brakes (Magura Mt5e)

Rockshox 180MM Front

Rockshox Deluxe Rear

12 Speed (Sram GX)

29" front x 27.5" rear